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1. Detox Body Cleanse (1oz/30ml)
Cool Climates. For use in non-tropical climates such as North America and Europe. Dosage ½ dropper full. 30 ml will last between 12-15 days, 3 x per day depending on the size (calibration) of dropper

2. Tropicleanse (1oz/30ml)
For daily use in hot Climates. Much more concentrated. Dosage 5 drops only. Give children 3 drops only. Take 5 drops 3x per day for 2 weeks, then once per day as needed.

The following directions are for both Detox Body Cleanse and Tropicleanse:

  • Nutra OPA products are organic and do not create resistance in pathogenic microorganisms. They may protect both humans and animals from illnesses caused by salmonella, e coli, clostridium and other pathogens found in air, food and water.
  • Use either Detox Body Cleanse or Tropicleanse, dependently on your climat, three times a day for 12 to 15 days. Repeat twice a year. It is critical to keep the negative anaerobic bacteria under control in the GI tract, so that you will experience more: Physical energy, Mental clarity, Endurance and stamina, Immunity. Take three times a day for two weeks to restore optimal functioning of the GI tract.
  • For candida and/or parasites utilize a 15-day program. It will result in normalization of the GI (gastro - intestinal ) tract. Even though you will feel better within a few days, it is important to finish the 15-day program, so that any left over candida or parasites will not multiply.
  • For stomach flu or stomach discomfort due to foreign bacteria utilize a mini 3-day 3 x a day cleanse.
  • Nutra OPA products are a must for those traveling, in particular, to countries outside the US and Canada. The “friendly” bacteria will be challenged by the foreign bacteria in the GI tract. As a result the foreign bacteria will multiply creating GI tract disturbances such as diarrhea and lack of proper absorption of nutrients. Once daily when traveling will result in prevention against contamination by foreign bacteria and fungi.
  • Mini Cleanse: Use either Detox Body Cleanse or Tropicleanse three to four times a year (3 x a day) for the ultimate GI tract cleanse. In addition, use as a mini 3-day 3 x a day cleanse for the stomach upset or food poisoning.

3. Household Multipurpose Spray
Spray once a day or as needed.

Household Multipurpose Spray based on organic plant acids (OPA) kills bacteria, fungi, and mold in your house. Can be sprayed on any surface you want to disinfect, including kitchen counters or dishes and food, dispersed on the air, ventilation system, pets, plants etc. Contains only natural ingredients, unharmful for humans when inhaled or ingested. Safe for children and pets.

Safe and Natural
Experience Enhanced Protection, Energy, and Endurance
Overall Feeling of Wellbeing

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