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Anti-Bacterial Program

Fights Sinusitis, Sore Throat, Stomach Bacteria, Fungi and other Pathogens

Nutra OPA is a multipurpose combination of organic plant acids (phytic, multic, glutamic and others) in the base of plant glycerin, and it is a result of 25 years research and experimentation. Originally developed as a treatment for dysentery in the third world countries, Nutra OPA has been shown in lab tests to be effective against bacteria, fungi and pathogens. 

Nutra OPA sprays and drops help protect both humans and animals from illnesses caused by salmonella, e coli, clostridium and other pathogens found in air, food and water. We also believe Nutra OPA will be effective against viruses.

All Nutra OPA products are organic and do not create resistance in pathogenic microorganisms.

1. Nasal /Sinus Spray
Nasal/Sinus spray kills resistant fungi on contact. Fungi and bacteria irritate the nasal passages, which may lead to chronic sinus conditions. This product, when used twice daily, has been shown to alleviate the discomfort associated with long-term sinus conditions. The normal healing time for long-term sinus ailments is 3 to 4 months. Ongoing use after healing (at least once daily) is recommended particularly where there is allot of airborne fungi present.

Spray directly into each nostril whenever exposed to an air infection.
Use up to every hour to maintain protection.
For flu treatments spray every 20 -30 minutes.

2. Throat and Mouth Spray
Throat and Mouth Spray assists in eliminating discomfort (inflammation) caused by bacteria in the throat, mouth and gums.

Spray directly into the mouth, throat or on the gum areas as needed.
At onset of sore throat, flu or cold symptoms, spray every 20-30 minutes or as needed
Fore sore gums spay twice daily and for maintenance - ones a day. Do not rinse after.

3. Stomach Drops
Stomach Drops help to eliminate discomfort caused by negative bacteria, pathogens such as candida, fungi, and parasites.

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